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Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) - Traditional and Roth

For many people, retirement planning begins with an IRA.  For those with an employer-sponsored retirement program, an IRA affords additional reassurance that retirement will be free from financial worries.  At First State Bank and Trust, we offer all types of IRA accounts, includeing standard deductible and non-deductible IRAs, and Roth IRAs.

We use our Certificate of Deposit for the IRA investment, which allows the customer to benefit from the highest fixed rates available.

It's never to early to plan for education.  We offer Coverdell Educational IRA's for the family that would like to start to save for college.

For all of our customers over 59 1/2, we have the step up privilege.  This allows the customer to step up to a higher rate if available, once per calendar year.  This feature benefits the customer that is soon to be approaching retirement.

Rollover IRA

We can facilitate the transfer of your retirement funds from a 401(k), an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or other employer-sponsored retirement plan into an individual IRA.  A Rollover IRA offers several advantages, including confidentiality, additional investment choices, and the convenience of a local custodian rather than a distant plan administrator.  Additionally, your retirement account maintains its tax-deferred status when it is rolled directly into an IRA.

With all of the plans, you get our personalized service with our knowledgeable bankers that are always here to serve you.

Retirement Calculators

For a variety of helpful tools to assist with your retirement planning, visit the Retirement section of the Calculators option under Online Services.

For more information contact a personal banker at 651-439-5195 or email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).