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Finance your business plans without depleting your working capital. Ask a member of our business banking team for more information about short and long-term loan options. The application process is easy – we’re local so you’ll receive a quick response.

Commercial Letters of Credit

Both buyers and sellers will be reassured as the financial obligation of one party to another is guaranteed. A letter of credit bridges the gap, and reduces the risk for both parties. A documentary draft must be presented to the issuing bank for payment.

Standby Letter of Credit

Guarantees the financial obligation of one party to another. Standby letters of credit are often issued for longer periods of time than commercial letters of credit and are often used in lieu of a performance bond. Usually, a standby letter of credit is payable upon presentation of a draft to the issuing bank, and no supporting documentation is required.

Short Term Bank Note

Finance unexpected or emergency purchases without spending down your available cash. A short-term bank note can offer a lower interest rate than a credit card! Most short-term notes give you 60 to 90 days to repay the debt.

Term Loans

Purchase major equipment, vehicles and other large capital investments with a fixed-rate loan. Payment terms are generally for one year or longer.

SBA Loans

Government-guaranteed loan programs can help small business owners with their financing needs. For more information about Small Business Association Loan Programs, get in touch with our business banking team.

Business Real Estate Loans

Finance the purchase of commercial property on terms that work for your business.

Construction Loans

Your new construction, expansion or remodeling project can become a reality with a First State Bank and Trust construction loan.