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Non-Profit Accounts

Special business accounts are available for non-profit organizations serving the St. Croix Valley. To qualify for a non-profit account, an organization must produce form 501(c)(3) to verify non-profit status. No-fee Debit MasterCard® Business Card available.

Image Statements

All of our business checking accounts include monthly "image statements." These statements feature miniaturized images of your canceled checks, providing thorough documentation for your records, signature confirmation, and visual verification of all your checking transactions. For easy storage, statements are 3-hole punched, and we provide a free "Money Manager" statement binder.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

By adding an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit to your checking account, you can write yourself a loan and protect yourself from accidental overdrafts. It's a line of credit that is attached to your checking account, transferring money automatically in the event of an overdraft. It's also a convenient form of credit, with a competitive interest rate and easy repayment terms.