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Meet Our Team

Staff Group 1

Back row (L to R): Stephanie, Alex, Peter, Tammy

Front row (L to R): Lori, Heather, Sabrina

Staff Group 2

Back row (L to R): Suzy, Dan, Andy, Shawn, Chris

Front row (L to R): Helen, Jamie, Mollie, Cassie

Staff Group 3

Back row (L to R): Dave, Sandy, Joe, Laura

Front row (L to R): Leisha, Trista, Emily, Tracee, Joleen

Staff Group 4

Back row (L to R): Ashley, Kerry, Jason, JR

Front row (L to R): Lisa, Jody, Christine, Becky



Staff Group 5

Back row (L to R): Melissa, Rich, Joette, Michelle

Front row (L to R): Kristy, Lauren, Matt


Mortgage Department

Tracey, Dan, Erin, Kelly

Not pictured: Pam



Trust Department

Back row (L to R): Tom, Kathy, Bob, Charley, Chad, Brad

Front row (L to R): Debbie, Pam, Sue, Mary Jo, Brenda, Barb


Hanzlik Financial

Back row: Kyle Heller and Rich Hanzlik

Front row: Mandee, Shelly, Jake

Valley Agencies

Back row (L to R): Dawn, Kelly, Denny, Jim

Front row (L to R): Teri, Renee, Yandra, Brandy