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Meet Our Team

Staff Group 1

Back row (L to R): Stephanie, Alex, Peter, Sabrina

Front row (L to R): Lori, Heather, Cathy, Tammy

Staff Group 2

Back row (L to R): Suzy, Dan, Andy, Shawn, Chris

Front row (L to R): Helen, Jamie, Mollie, Cassie

Staff Group 3

Back row (L to R): Dave, Sandy, Joe, Laura

Front row (L to R): Leisha, Trista, Emily, Tracee, Joleen

Staff Group 4

Back row (L to R): Ashley, Kerry, Jason, JR

Front row (L to R): Lisa, Jody, Christine, Becky



Staff Group 5

Back row (L to R): Rich, Ryan, Joette, Michelle

Front row (L to R): Melissa, Kristy, Lauren, Matt


Mortgage Department

Tracey, Dan, Erin, Kelly

Not pictured: Pam



Trust Department

Back row (L to R): Tom, Kathy, Bob, Charley, Chad, Brad

Front row (L to R): Debbie, Pam, Sue, Mary Jo, Brenda, Barb


Hanzlik Financial

Back row: Kyle Heller and Rich Hanzlik

Front row: Mandee, Shelly, Jake

Valley Agencies

Back row (L to R): Dawn, Kelly, Denny, Jim

Front row (L to R): Teri, Renee, Yandra, Brandy

First State Bank and Trust Board of Directors

Sarah J. Andersen, Gregory L. Benson, Dr. David H. Brandt, Peter J. Clements, Dwight Cummins, Marvin I. Friedrich, Michael O. Johnson, Keith D. Olson, W. Patrick Riley, C. Andrew Rollwagen, Michael S. Swisher, Thomas G. Wagner